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Mountain Lifestyle

Here’s where I write about my life! Just like that, topical articles inspired by my work, an inexhaustible source of originality, about my couple life with the grumpy bearded and everything around me… I mean, everyday life… In the mountains! 

A fairy tale for waitress

Have you noticed how many cooking programs there are lately on TV? This is hell for waiters! The situation has slipped from our hands, let’s talk about it! The greatest Italian tradition is cuisine. The Italian is perpetually thinking about food, from an early age… Read more

Pros and cons of living in the mountains.

The goats make me hello. No, it’s not exactly like that as there are cows in my mountains. And don’t call me Heidi. Living in the mountains is a choice that, like all, has positive and negative sides Read more

Till death do us part, perhaps.

Living together with your partner: by chance or by choice? In my case, it was not a very thoughtful choice, it does not mean that I regret it. I was ready and mature enough to share my spaces. But once upon a time it was different, it was a crucial choice, and a prelude to marriage. Sort of a test run…Read more

Desperate italian waitress chronicle

Ah, working with the public. Each and every day you amaze yourself, you are fascinated by human biodiversity. I manage the Chalet le Marmotte in Limone Piemonte, a restaurant on the top of a mountain, and trust me, working with the public isn’t easy. I want to share with you some episodes of my daily life…Read more

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