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About me

Yes, I live in the mountains and I want to dispel the myth that all those who live in the mountains must necessarily be provincial, bigoted and backward. With this blog I would like to introduce you to my very personal experience of slow leaving in the mountains and a citizen of the world.

I’m Rebecca, I’m 28, I’ve always lived in a mountain village of a thousand souls and I’m a lion. Not that I’ve ever had too much attention to zodiac, ascendants and anything else. But at least I have an excuse for my temper and my stubbornness.

In fact, I studied ancient (greek and latin) language and culture at high school. While all my schoolmates started uni, I opted for a gap year, which abroad is a must do, unfortunately not yet in Italy. For my mother there was no way to make me change idea. I am very happy that she did not try to stop me because the 8-month experience in New Zealand radically changed me.

When I returned, everything went according to plan. University, boyfriend, a job in an office. But there was something not good for me. Regular life didn’t fit me. You know, the fire of a lion is difficult to tame. So I went back to living in the mountains where work was not lacking for me or for my grumpy bearded man who abandoned his forensic career.

Why slow mountain leaving? In the mountains everything follows the time of the different season: winter and summer are our high season. This means working as hell in order to meet the needs of (many) tourists. Spring and autumn are low season. That’s our time to take care of our home, to make maintenance work before the cold season and finally for holidays!

For three years now we have been living happily in Limone Piemonte, a small mountain village in the Maritime Alps on the border with France. We work in my parents restaurant, the Chalet le marmotte, which we opened after many sacrifices in 2005. I’m not saying it’s easy (I guess working as a couple is never easy) but it has its benefits.

One of the reasons that led me to open this blog is to present life in the mountains as pure and simple as it is. I would like to dispel the myth that more and more often depicts mountain people as provincial that cannot see beyond their noses. And I would like to give a slightly clearer idea about how to live in the mountains. Who knows…maybe you’ll be inspired to get away from the city for a slower lifestyle.

Our choice was not easy, but neither was it too difficult to be honest. We already had a job, (yes, we are very lucky! But the mountain is really full of opportunities for those who know how to reinvent themselves). And we knew that this kind of work would leave us plenty of time to travel. In fact, in the dead months of the season we are wonderlust.

This blog sums up all my substance: life in the mountains, baking cakes, my sweet passion, wine (oh I forgot, I’m also a sommelier!), gym and fitness, fashion and travel.

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