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A fairy tale for waitress

In the last years in Italy there are dozen of cuisine Tv program. The situation got out of hand, let’s talk about it!

The highest Italian tradition is the kitchen. The Italian always thinks about food, from an early age.

I remember as a child when I finished lunch I asked my mother: what’s for dinner? It is undeniable, we have it in our blood. 

But perhaps something has changed in recent years: they have misled us, they have led us to be obsessed with food! 

I refer to the thousands of cooking television programs. There’s at least one for everyone! For home cooking, to super professionals like Masterchef etc.. 

For those working in the sector, all this has both positive and negative aspects. Among the positives there is certainly the growing awareness of work, quality and research. 

However, the consequences of all these fine programs fall on us restaurateurs: everyone now stands as supreme judges of a ruthless court. They arrive at the restaurant and just demand, without having the knowledge base to do it. 

To distract myself from this cruel world made up of ruthless judges, my mind begins to wander in a fairy world in which customers are not reviewing restaurants but the opposite, restaurant owners are reviewing customers … 

Once upon a time there was the client …

  • Illiterate 

Miss, you read me the menu!

(bank holiday, people waiting till the door, two complete shifts, etc.)

3 out of 5 stars, for encouragement

  • The ha-lf

Half a glass of wine and half a polenta!

Half-Star, of course

  • I’m training you for the marathon

Can you also bring me still water?

You carry it.

No, sorry, I want it sparkling

You carry it.

Would you bring Me a fork?

You carry it.

You bring Me an empty pot?

Take Him.

  You bring me a dessert…

(Let me guess. In addition. What the hell can’t you tell me all at once?!?)

1 star on 5-0 kg of the waitress

  • Inventive

Excuse me, is the bathroom always down there?

No, I teleported it somewhere else, but only this season, then I’ll put it back there!

Vote 10

Dear readers, dear customers,

Sometimes you turn off that television,

Of a true restaurant make you opinion,

But put yourself in our shoes

And don’t be mean!

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