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Advice to keep fit from a common mortal (even a little lazy)

No, I’ve never been a monster of hyperactivity, in fact, in my ideal day there is a nice afternoon nap. So I think I can be a good adviser for those who want to keep fit without being a ‘ animalis palestrae ‘.

I’m not saying to do workout on the couch, if beautiful you want to look a little you have to suffer! 

The main thing that has always pushed me is motivation: ‘ This year I want to be ready for bikini!’ 

With a fair amount of motivation all efforts will be rewarded.

I would like to dispel a myth that I have being believing for many years. 

Going to the gym and using weight will not transform you into a body builder, otherwise everyone would be it!

Making weights, on the other hand, gives shape to the muscle, slimming it. You know those beautiful tapered arms that you see in tv? Yes, you’ll get them by doing weights. 

For years I have tried out everything: walking, running, Aqua Gym, Power Yoga, Zumba etc… And I never achieved the results I got after six months at the gym. I mean, I was loosing weight but as soon as I was stopping for a month I was at the starting point again! 

Thanks to my dear grumpy bearded I started to follow a training program, optimizing the results. 

Assuming that you have to go to the gym, do not lose motivation. Which is why my workout limits the time spent at the gym to a minimum, which does not exceed 20-25 minutes per day for 5/6 days a week.

I’ll explain what my daily MIX & MATCH workout consists of:

  • Warm-up: 5-10 minutes (depending on how I feel) of fast walking or running. Living in the mountains I have plenty of option even for short walk, but in the city you can solve the problem by going to the gym by foot. 
  • Workout in Superseries: 6 exercises performed in Superseries by two, repeated four times in sets of 15.


  • Superseries 1:15 x squat; 15 x Lateral lunges. Rest 10 seconds. Repetition x four times.
  • Superseries 2:15 x Romanian deadlift; Squat Bulgarian. Rest 10 seconds. Repetition x four times.
  • Superseries 3:15 x Leg x Bridge with raised legs alternated; 15 x bench glute raise. Rest 10 seconds. Repetition x four times.

You have no idea what I’m saying? 

MIX & MATCH: Follow here each exercise divided by LegsArms And Whole Body/abdominal. Mix and choose the exercises, without excluding one of them because you feel it is too tiring! Fatigue = Fat that goes away! I repeat the same exercises for three weeks, then change program by choosing other exercises or increasing the weights.

Weekly: 2 Days of legs, 2 days of arms, 2 days of full body.

The weights: I started with low weights, 2-3 kg for arms, no-load barbell for squat and deadlift. After three weeks I started adding 1kg to weights but only when I felt I was performing the exercise too easily. 

  • Conclusion: One day abdominal, one day stretching, alternating.
  • Rest: One day a week.
  • Every day in the morning: 12 minutes of Yoga.

I want to be clear, I’m not a professional of the field and I can’t recommend this workout to all. Especially at the beginning it is good to be followed by a professional: some movements, done in the wrong way can cause injury. It is good to get checked by an expert eye! 

This is my very personal experience that, accompanied by a varied and balanced diet has worked!

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